Monday, May 9, 2011

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

The best in local street fashion, portrait and fashion photography from local muses and lenses, gathered via Twitter, Facebook and blog uploads from the past week.

Corey Tenold snaps his lady, Vision model Ashlee Walker, at a skating rink.

Photographer Emily Utne posts a digitally-edited self portrait.

Style blogger Chloe Ahlf of Urban Tease offers her salute to spring.

You gotta love a girl who uses a dreamcatcher as a necklace: Dirty Hair Halo blogger Shannon Licari as photographed by Minneapolis Affair. (Check out more photos at Dirty Hair Halo.)

Eliesa Johnson shoots Ignite model Whitney Fransway and posts a preview shot.

Style blogger Kitty Cotten tries out spring's pleated skirt trend in the sunshine.

Photographer Amy Gee looks away from the light.

Jake Thompson of Fashionasty snaps Cody Jessica Parker for his street style blog, Street Meat.

Jake also snaps designer Emma Berg in a sheer suit by Danielle Everine at the MIA Art of Bloom reception.

Photosynthetique shoots the spring collection by local neo-Victorian line Scoundrelle's Keep.

Ellen Dahl Lawson of The Minneapoline catches designer Kathryn Sterner backstage before Voltage (in a skirt from her line, Kathryn V).

Photosynthetique posts a scandalous Marie Antoinette-inspired shoot. (Link NSFW)

Drayke Larson of Photosynthetique shoots fellow photographer Carla Haglund of Fairshadow Photography. (Click here for more photos from the set.)

For Mother's Day, Minneapolis ex-pat Inari Min posts this adorable photo of her with her mother (who's wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, natch).

Minneapolis Affair snaps Madison Karpan on the streets of Minneapolis.

Fashion designers Maritza Ramirez and Raul Osorio, stylist Angie Hanson and art director Chris Larson get into chola style for Cinco de Mayo (via Art of Wore).

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  1. Love the skater rink photo by Corey. That couple is a bag of adorable.