Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Style diary: J Brand jeans for J World

I recently had the opportunity to model a pair of jeans by my favorite denim manufacturer, J Brand, thanks to The Minneapoline's Ellen Dahl Lawson. It is to promote J Brand's new site, J World, where J Brand lovers can upload photos of themselves styled out in their J Brands. (Direct link here.)

Here's the resulting photos of me in the "Skipper" sailor pant by Ellen:

She also shot 11 other locals. Here are local designer Raul Osorio:

and beauty blogger Kara Nesvig:

Style blogger Claudette Gacuti:

METRO Magazine fashion editor Mary O'Regan:

Visit J World and click the "Minnesota" tab for more.

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  1. so many great outfits! lovin your blog- totes following you now! <3