Friday, April 22, 2011

Stephanie Colgan shoots backstage at Voltage

A lot of people took photos at last weekend's Voltage: Fashion Amplified (for which I was Lead Stylist), but none are quite as striking as that of official Voltage photographer Stephanie Colgan. Most of them are backstage, which seems to be Colgan's strong suit and point of interest. She does an amazing job of capturing the fluidity, the magic, and the moments behind-the-scenes of a fashion show.

[Designer Raul Osorio]
[Desigenrs Ivan Idland and Max Lohrbach]
[Lead hairstylist Catlin Weston]
[Arzu Gokcen of Pink Mink]
[Vision model Ashlee Walker in hair and makeup for Danielle Everine]
[Vision models Elle Williams and Mary Cann in hair and makeup for Danielle Everine]
[Raul Osorio's models wait backstage]
[Kathryn V's models wait backstage]
[Max Lohrbach's models wait backstage]
[A look by Raul Osorio]
[A look by Max Lohrbach]
[A look by Sarah M. Holm]
[A look by Raul Osorio]
[Vision model Ashlee Walker in a design by Terri Martin]
Click here for the full photo set.

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  1. The second Elle Williams shot (on the runway for Raul) is actually Mary Cann, I believe. The shot after that one (for Max Lohrbach) is not Elle either, not sure who it is though...