Monday, April 25, 2011

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

Apologies to regular readers of my weekly muses and lenses photo feature - MNfashion Week took over my life (and blog) for the past couple of weeks so I haven't gotten around to posting until now. Here's a compilation of images culled over the past few weeks via Facebook, Twitter and the blogroll featuring local photographers and their subjects.

WERQ, Naures. Bitch knows how to pose. (Photo: Marissa Wetzel)

Danielle Morris gets her Nick and Eddie "mugshot", courtesy of Cindy Ivy.

Little Man's Chris Perricelli looks straight out of the '70s in this shot photographed and art directed by Emily Unte.

Hairstylist Jessie Quast ponders her reflection.

Photog Amy Gee snaps housemate (and beauty blogger) Kara Nesvig posing hard.

Local model Ashley Hawks updates her portfolio.

Photographer Sohail Akhavein shoots style blogger Kara Nesvig taking a glamorous shower.

Amy Gee shoots a sophisticated profile of designer Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman.

Emily Utne goes behind-the-scenes at the Emma Berg promo video shoot with Vision model Mary Cann.

Lindsey Tauer poses for Mighty Swell Vintage.

Ignite Models Inc. debuts new talent Aja. (Photo: Billy Rood)

Photographer Louisa Podlich features the lovely singer-songwriter Haley Bonar as part of her .onethirtyfive. project with writer Christian Dahlager.

METRO Magazine fashion editor Mary O'Regan hangs out on the rooftop.

Photographer Eliesa Johnson does a road warrior-style test shoot, complete with motorcycles.

Style blogger Kitty Cotten wears neon Gojane pumps.

Song of the Exile style blogger Julia wears a blouse by Project Runway season 2 winner Chloe Dao.

Twee Nguyen models a dress from Local Motion, as photographed by Minneapolis Affair.

Dirty Hair Halo blogger Shannon Licari is hippie chic in peach.

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