Monday, August 3, 2009

Local fashion roundup: Project Runway, Blacklist, more

[Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman, courtesy Lifetime]

I've been waiting for this day: Elite Project Runway bloggers Tom & Lorenzo of my PR blog of choice, Project Rungay, have finally revealed their first impressions of season six contestant (and former Minneapolitan) Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman, and obviously they've saved one of the best for last. Here's what they have to say about his "Eluded Love" collection (click link to view images) and audition videos:

"Survey says...GORGEOUS. Gorgeous with a side of WOW. Seriously, bitches. This stuff is PERFECT. The draping, the pleating, the color treatments, the use of prints - it all speaks of a highly talented designer. This is absolutely the best pre-show portfolio we've seen yet. Personality-wise...he seems sweet, but we're also getting the distinct whiff of 'diva.' Fine by us. As far as we're concerned, talent+personality=the perfect reality show contestant. Ra'mon, we are expecting great things from you this season."

As usual, they hit the nail on the head.

In other
PR-related news, my interview with Ra'mon for l'etoile magazine was linked on another definitive Project Runway blog, Blogging Project Runway. Woo!

I've also word that a certain local hairstylist will be appearing on the next season of
Shear Genius (which has reportedly completed taping) as well news that a certain local up-and-coming artist is a semi-finalist for Sarah Jessica Parker's upcoming artist reality show on Bravo. Watch out world, here Minneapolis comes!

Other shorts:

[Image of Blacklist owners Vanessa Messersmith & Jennifer Mumm by Emily Utne for City Pages]

One of my new favorite vintage shops got a nice write-up on City Pages' Gimme Noise blog. I recommend you hitting them up to find the perfect late '50s/early '60s look for Jake Rudh's upcoming Mad Men Season 3 premiere party.

Check out former Minneapolitan (and City Pages scribe) Diablo Cody looking fab on the cover of this month's Bust Magazine.

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