Thursday, March 12, 2009

In review: Fashion Fight Night, Bout 3

As you may know if you've read the previous posts, I was involved with METRO Magazine's Fashion Fight Night III event on February 28 at Uppercut Boxing Gym. Though I reviewed the other two "bouts," I styled on one of the teams competing in the second bout so I though I'd just post some images and let you decide for yourself.

I was on photographer Nicholas Marshall's team along with Kelsy and Di from our styling collecting Eclecticoiffeur. We were joined by the always-entertaining fashion designer Kerry Riley, who moonlights as a photographer as well, and identical twin models Coco & Breezy

Nic Marshall's top 3 shots: 

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We were up against a formidable foe: Eliesa Johnson of
Photogen, Inc., who we competed against (ending in a draw) in last year's event. Her team featured one of the fashion stylists on my Voltage team, Trevor Small, as well as a surprise guest model: Current Make Me a Supermodel contestantand Northfield resident Colin Steers, who had modeled in the IAmMoody fashion show earlier that evening. They ended up taking home the win. 

Eliesa Johnson's top 3 shots:

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  1. that boy is gorgeous, unfortunately that horribly gay beater is not.

    and whats up with the saturation?