Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In review: Fashion Fight Night, Bout 2

Bout 2 of METRO Magazine's Fashion Fight Night III pitted two-time Fight Night champ Justin Grierson against one of last year's winners Ingrid Werthmann. Both photographers are notoriously heavy-hitters, and the shots all packed a punch. While Grierson played it safe with seasoned model Cari Jedlicki, Werthmann took a risk using a male model, edgy European-esque styling (courtesy of Richard Anderson, arguably the best fashion stylist in the city), and a trampoline. The risk paid off, and Werthmann won the bout.

Ingrid Werthmann's top three shots:

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The styling in Grierson's bout, on the other hand was more garish than edgy. The first look was promising; the combination of a slutty-looking white dress and huge diamond choker made me hope for more glorious kitsch. But what followed was disjointed and if it was meant to be kitschy, it ended up looking more overdone and tacky. I can't totally hate though - Jedlicki knows what she's doing up there, and Grierson came out with some good shots.

Justin Grierson's top three shots:

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  1. just by viewing their top three shots alone i would have hoped that werthmann would have come out on top.

    not only are her shots more action oriented and beautifully done (seriously, v man is calling) the clothing is actually edgy and fashionable.

    grierson's on the other hand is (exactically like you said) gaudy and tacky. not to mention vile, ill fitting and completely uninteresting.