Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring 2009 Trend: '70s Eyeglasses

The biggest eyewear trend this season is toward a dominant frame, in part influenced by oversized sunglasses. More specifically, I'm talking the oversized, thick plastic '70s-style frames that harken back to the days of Studio 54 (or your mom in the '70s). Apparently, they're what "all the French girls are wearing."

So when I stumbled upon a pair of bent-up but lovely frames that belonged to my boyfriend's mother, I flipped. I told her I loved them, and eventually she gave them to me for Christmas. I brought them to Nadine at Visionary Opitical in Uptown and she fixed them up and put my lens prescription in them. Here are the beauties:

But to be honest, part of the appeal is that they're almost exactly like the pale pink plastic frames I wore throughout my ever-dorky childhood. Case in point:

Me, circa 1991

If you're not lucky enough to discover a pair like these in a drawer, here are some other options:

Visionary Optical, Uptown, 612-822-3937
The best selection of '70s and '80s vintage frames in town, and best of all, they're deadstock. The selection ranges from about $160-$260, but they're the most unique, best quality vintage frames out there.

American Apparel, MOA and Uptown, 612-825-3000
A good lower-priced option for vintage frames, with most priced around $50. Or check out their
online shop.

And if all else fails, you can always check out eBay, etsy, or your local thrift shop.

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  1. Looking good, Jahna! Fiddler on the Roof-inspired fashion?!