Friday, January 2, 2009

All I got for Christmas: My favorite gifts

I got some amazing gifts this Christmas. Let's play show-and-tell, shall we?

Pale yellow lace dress by Swank Dollar by Annie Larson, a local line found at Cliche, given to me from my boyfriend to wear for New Year's Eve. I had spied it at Cliche earlier and fell in love with it, and I had wanted to wear a local design for New Year's Eve so it was perfect.

An antique painted doll from New York, given to me by my friend Kelsy. I kind of have a thing for dolls.

Sketchbook made from a vintage record album sleeve from my friend Di. I love my Brat Pack, especially Pretty and Pink for its trifecta of Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer (aka Duckie), and James Spader and great soundtrack.

Yellow patent Cole Haan flats from my friend Emma, for walking the cobbled streets of Spain.

Believe it or not, I still don't have Solid Gold's debut full-length, Bodies of Water. Given to me by my friend Lauren.

A Christmas gift for myself: A vintage cloche hat from Via's Vintage. Bonus: It's vintage Dior!

And lastly, vintage '70s oversized eyeglasses, given to me by my boyfriend mother. I had seen them in a drawer and asked for them, and though I was initially denied, she ended up giving them to me. They are getting lenses made for them at the moment so no pictures just yet, but I will be sure to post some soon!

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  1. your nye dress is so pretty! i tried to find it online.. but no luck. any chance you might know where to find it?