Thursday, January 15, 2009

Local visions for First Lady's inauguration gown

The front page of today's Lifestyle section in the Star Tribune features a series of sketches by local fashion designers of the dress they would create for Michelle Obama to wear during the inauguration (compiled by Sara Glassman). It was great to see two favorites of mine, Max Lohrbach and Laura Fulk, get exposure along with up-and-comers Christine Carmichael of Carmichael Claith and Maritza Ramirez.

Laura Fulk's gorgeous sketch:

Gown in silk satin fabric in a "courageously vivid" red base, paired with accents in poppy and gold.

Laura says: "What a dream to design for the 5-foot-11 soon-to-be fashion icon with a lust for bold, bright colors. This flattering empire-waist, floor-length gown with flowing gold georgette sides and a mini bolero jacket is sure to turn some heads."

Here is Christine Carmichael's design:

Here is the online version of the page, with descriptions and explanations by the designers.

View the full gallery

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