Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wish list 2.0: Designer body bags, wild baby onesies, and an ostrich table

I love the idea of ridiculous, outlandish gifts. Hey, a girl can always dream, right? If I could have whatever I wanted, regardless of price or availability, these are a few of the gifts I would put on my wish list.

"Still Remains" Body Bag by Swank Dollar

Swank Dollar designer Annie Larson recently was commissioned to design a designer "body bag" for an graduate art project for MCAD grad Sarah Kissell. She describes the project, which she spent three months making, as "a really fancy body bag, made out of hand-dyed Oscar De La Renta boucle, cyanotype silk, a beautiful RiRi zipper and all sorts of fake Chanel gear (Gocco prints and resin buttons)." She also created a corresponding skirt worn by Kissell for the opening. The bag unfortunately isn't available for purchase, but perhaps you could talk
Annie into making you one if the price is right and you ask real nice.

The finished product:

Still Remains at MCAD Gallery; skirt worn by Sarah Kissell

Still Remains at MCAD Gallery

Baby Parade screenprinted onesies

In other Swank Dollar news, Annie Larson and screenprinter Lindsay Noble put together a collection they've called Baby Parade made up of "mega-baby-genius" onesies as part of their line Collaboration Thursday. Annie says, "These creations are hand-dyed and enhanced with holiday magic, constructed by mini-smiths and wrapped up in baby genius screen-printed wrapping paper for the little one in your life." It's part of Irresistible, the SooVAC Art Sale going on now through December 24. (Soo Visual Arts Center, 2640 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls. 612-871-2263. http://www.soovac.org/.)

Sketches of the onesies:

iBride ostrich table at ROBOTlove

If the statement necklace is the trend for fall, this laminate with wood core decorative table by iBride is this fall’s statement table. The organic shape combined with a sleek sheen makes the table perfectly modern yet quirkily charming. It’s only 29” tall and 9” wide, so it’s best utilized for a clean, simple display in a key focal point in the room. (In dark red. $425 at ROBOTlove, 2648 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls. 612-871-9393. www.robotlove.biz.)

Check out more unique gift ideas, including my write-up for iBride's painted trays,
at www.vita.mn.

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