Monday, December 22, 2008

New for spring: Dip-dyed tights by Calpurnia Peach

The always-busy duo behind Twin Cities fashion line Calpurnia Peach is known for its tights screen-printed with its original designs. Now, they're offering a new take on their best-seller: Dip-dyed tights. I received my first pair from the Peach girls, specially made in a magenta/plum colorway. My favorite part about the tights is how they get darker as they get closer to the bottom, working well with darker shoes and adding a great pop of color right where the skirt hem hits.

Image by Nic Marshall / Styling by Eclecticoiffeur / Jumper and Tights by Calpurnia Peach / Earrings by Buck Luck

Eclecticoiffeur used its mustard/brown tights, made for its Fall 2009 collection, for a promotional shoot for the collection on Friday. Above is an untouched preview of that shoot, photographed by Nic Marshall. Interested in some for yourself? Contact the designers at

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