Sunday, February 26, 2012

New designer spotlight: Sara Lopez

At last Saturday's University of Minnesota senior student fashion show, "Twelve," one designer in particular really stood out. Sara Lopez, a Texan-born designer who has interned in Paris and New York, stole the show with her collection of looks in silhouettes that "question the relationship between the body and the garment," according to her designer statement. "Often restricting or distorting the wearers’ movement," it continues, "she provides a different experience while wearing clothing." While the looks are indeed constricting and distorting - unwearable for most people - there's great potential here. Up close, the garments were perfectly constructed. And despite the avant-garde elements of these designs, they are exquisitely tailored and minimalistic, in the vein of Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney. These were some of the freshest, forward-thinking designs to come out of Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week this season - coming from a student, no less. Look for good things to come from this bright star.

Photos by Amy Gee for l'etoile magazine

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