Monday, February 20, 2012

MSP Fashion Week in review: Red Dress Collection

Held at Seven Ultralounge on Sunday night, the Red Dress Collection show served as something of an unofficial kickoff to Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week. Modeled after the celeb-studded show that inaugurates New York Fashion Week each season benefiting heart health for women, the show featured one original red dress designed by a local designer, as modeled by a local "celeb." Our celebs in question consisted mainly of Vikings wives, though Kaela Humphries (sister to Kris) and former Fox 9 news anchor Robyne Robinson were among the more recognizable faces on the runway. As for the designs, Emma Berg's finale gown - a blooming draped organza skirt attached to a revealing bodice - was the evening's showstopper (though perhaps a little too revealing of her model's prominent d├ęcolletage). Also of note: ArielSimone's floor-length, structured dress accented with a trail of folded fabric down the back; Max Lohrbach's swingy, ruffle-accented cocktail dress; and Laura Fulk's silky gown that brought a sophistication to the designer's trademark edge. For their parts, Christopher Straub, Sarah M. Holm and Tim Navarro also showcased some well-constructed and flattering looks.

While some designers took up the task of dressing the bodies of these "real women" shapes, some faltered. Rachel Blomgren's caped dress worn by Robyne Robinson ended up looking like a dowdy liturgical vestment, Danielle Everine opted to cover up the curves of plus-size model Kaela Humphries instead of accentuating them, Thom Navarro's dress got the proportions all wrong, and Maritza Ramirez' dress shapelessly hung on her model.

Despite the somewhat cheeseball conceit of putting dresses on "local celebrities," it was exciting to see local fashion take a place among a more mainstream element of Minneapolis culture. Here's hoping some of these local designers pick up those football wives and tastemakers as future clients.

Allison Kaplan in Sarah M. Holm

Dr. Jennifer Dankle in Thom Navarro

Ann Carroll in Laura Fulk

Landyn Hutchinson by Emma Berg and necklace by Stephanie Lake Design

Sandy Simmons in ArielSimone

Laura Schara in Christopher Straub

Alexus Koch by Tim Navarro

Laura Schara in Christopher Straub, Kaela Humphries in Danielle Everine & Ann Carroll in Laura Fulk

Allison Kaplan in Sarah M. Holm, Jennifer Kline in Max Lohrbach, Robyne Robinson in Rachel Blomgren, Dr. Jennifer Dankle in Thom Navarro, Sandy Simmons in ArielSimone & Amy James in Maritza Ramirez

Red Dress Collection images Copyright © 2012 Mike Feltault

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