Monday, December 5, 2011

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

Another round of muses and lenses culled from local photographers and their muses over the past couple of weeks:

Fashion designer Emma Berg previews a new design. The faux crushed fur skirt will be available this week at June Resale.

Former Minneapolitan Sarah Ditty gets canonized in paint by her boyfriend, artist David Walker.

Vision model Ashlee Walker and her boyfriend, photographer Corey Tenold, take a trip to the Smokies.

Caleb Gudmundson, Jane Belfry, Allison Jean AuBuchon and Fred Holston bring the glamour to HAUS Salon's HOTTEA opening party last weekend. (Photo: Peter Jamus. Click here for more party pix.)

The ladies of DJ trio Lady Parts (Emily Roberts Holden, Syril McNally & Susannah will make you wanna jump. (Photo: Matt Blum)

Vision model Mary Cann goes au natural in her headshot for her NYC agency, One Management.

Aspiring model Joe Anderson rocks an androgynous vibe in a test shoot by Shelly Mosman.

Serene Enloe snaps some stylish folks on the streets of Dinkytown.

Carrier Pigeon jewelry designer Lauren Neal takes her turn in front of the lens of Shelly Mosman.

Brandon Werth shoots a bridal party on the Lake Superior shores of Duluth.

Photographer/artist Sohail Akhavein trips daisies in this self portrait.

Style blogger Kitty Cotten mixes the three "P's": plaid, polka dots and pea coat.

Style blogger Chloe Ahlf is the sweetheart of the rodeo.

David Mendolia snaps a stylish student on the Washington Avenue Bridge.

Dirty Hair Halo style blogger Shannon Licari Walling pairs three winter staples - plaid, fur and denim.

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon goes shopping at St. Paul men's shop BlackBlue and goes home with a Dunderdon tweed suit, LVC 1920s chambray work shirt and a Duluth Pack money clip - "the next best thing to a shower after a weekend of hunting in northern Wisconsin," as BlackBlue's blog says.

Model and blogger John-Mark and fashion designer Ashley Wokasch hang out in NYC.

John-Mark pals around with Minnesota-born designers Coco & Breezy in NYC.

Former Mpls.St.Paul Magazine fashion editor (now at Martha Stewart Weddings) Melissa Colgan looks pretty in NYC.

Secrets Fashion Agency PR director Davee Ek does her best "Edie Beale in winter" impression, looking woodsy, quirky and chic in a butterfly print.

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