Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coco & Breezy to appear in Vogue Magazine

[Originally posted at Vita.mn]

[Coco & Breezy modeling their "wearable art"]

If there's any more of an indication that Coco and Breezy have become national fashion darlings, it's being featured in what is perhaps the most important American fashion magazine, Vogue. According to a Facebook post the Minnesota-bred twins made earlier today, that's indeed the case. The shoot is said to feature their latest collection of "wearable art" as opposed to their bold, bejeweled shades. In what may be a related post, "Whip My Hair" pint-sized singer Willow Smith posted a Twitpic of accessories that includes three pair of C&B shades (confirmed by a C&B blog post), subtitled "I love photo shoots." Awhile back, Coco and Breezy announced that Smith had inquired about getting some of their shades for her personal use - coincidence, or could this be for the Vogue shoot?

[Photo via Willow Smith on Twicpic]

(Thanks for LOL/OMG for connecting some of the dots.)

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