Monday, November 2, 2009

Local fashion roundup for 11.1

Though I think many of this season's contestants have been super-talented (especially Ra'mon and Christopher, of course!), I can’t help but quote Austin Scarlett’s PR blog for Marie Claire on the episode, in which he laments, “To paraphrase Norma Desmond, in my day we didn’t need lines, we had talent then.” Oh, how I love Austin Scarlett!

[Christopher's Episode 1 winning design and his corresponding Episode 11 look / Images courtesy Lifetime]

I have to agree as well with Austin’s assessment of Christopher’s dress in Episode 11, in which designers had to create a dress based on one of their earlier winning designs. Though I think it was more interesting than other looks (Logan’s and Geordana’s were ugly and boring, respectively - far worse sins in my book), it was far too bottom-heavy and disjointed. I think if he would’ve found a way to blow up the bubble shape into a ridiculously over-the-top gown, a la Christian Siriano, he would’ve fared better (and I think this was his intention). And honestly, given a greater time allowance, I think Christopher could’ve pulled this off. But I think it would’ve been just fine if he would’ve forgone the bottom ruffle and kept the top half – it wouldn’t have mimicked the original design as much yet felt like part of the same collection.

Episode 11 multimedia links:
View the full episode HERE.
View Tim Gunn’s Workroom Critique of Christopher HERE.
View Christopher’s Video Blog for Episode 11 HERE.
Christopher talks more about his design at the Project Runway auction site for the dress HERE.
View Extended Judging for Christopher HERE.

Here's a new interview with Christopher Straub.

[Image of Christopher with his creation, courtesy The Rachael Ray Show]

Images are up from Christopher’s appearance on the Rachael Ray show last month, on which he won a challenge between Qristyl and Althea to make a look out of produce.

Le Petit roundup for last week:

[A look from Kevin Kramp, one of the designers announced for Voltage 2010 / Image provided by designer]

Did you hear? Last week, the local designer lineup for Voltage 2010 was announced. Check out my blog HERE for the scoop on the designers. With images!

Max Lohrbach recently illustrated a graphic novel-style series for Sandbox Theatre's upcoming production of .faust. View my blog HERE for all the images, or the Sandbox Theatre site for images with the full story.

I talk about what I wore for three different Halloween parties last weekend HERE.

Local designer Amanda Christine fills me in on what's new with her and her plans for Spring 2010. Click HERE for the blog.

Local fashion blogroll:

[Spring 2010 looks by Hazel Matthys by Scott Regan]

Check out this blog on Hazel Matthys' Spring 2010 collection with images.
Eden Prairie News also has an article on local designer Matthys. Check out l'etoile later this week for my review of her recent show.

More accolades for local street fashion blog The Minneapoline: National fashion blog recently posted, "Yes—gasp!—there are fashion-savvy girls roaming the streets outside of New York, Paris, London and Milan and The Minneapoline will make you a believer." Check out some shots in from the recent Rock & Roll Circus by Minneapoline shooter Ellen Dahl.

Fave local designer (and Voltage 2010 designer!) George Moskal updates us HERE and HERE on his progress on his Holiday 2009 collection, which will be available at the MNfashion holiday boutique come November 12.

Joynoelle’s bridal show in NYC was featured on the Perfect Bound blog.

Allison Kaplan of Pioneer Press goes shopping with NYC fashion designer Zang Toi, who was in town last week for a trunk show at STYLEDLIFE.

Check out this locally-based blog Things I Found at the Thrift Store for tips on thrifting from a dude's perspective.

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