Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09 costume recap

Forgive me in advance for what will be a fairly self-indulgent post, but I thought some might be interested in seeing all the Halloween costumes I donned this past weekend - and their inspiration - as well as my picks for best costumes.

[Image by Denis Jeong Plaster /]

On Thursday for Ignite Models' "Costumes & Couture" event, I dressed as a German girl with two of my friends and local fashion designers Max Lohrbach and Ivan Idland, who were wearing vintage lederhosen. I threw my outfit together in 15 minutes, already having all the necessary Germanic-looking clothing, particularly a vintage wool skirt with red embroidery, my mom's dark green vintage vest, vintage oxford wedge shoes, and a headpiece by Max Lohrbach. The boys definitely had me beat with their costumes, though.

[Image by Rob Callahan]

On Friday, I dressed as a Richard Prince nurse for a house party. I was glad that a number of art geeks got what I was right away. Here's a reference point:

I dripped paint down a vintage nurse uniform and made the paper hat, and wore a black lace mask a la the Louis Vuitton collection a few years back inspired by the same paintings.

[Image by Christian Erickson via the Polaroid app for iPhone]

On Saturday for actual Halloween, I went as a Scary Doll, with my scary doll in tow. My hairstylist friend Charlie Brackney (Master Stylist and Educator at Juut) did my hair, I did my own makeup (using a liquid face mask underneath the makeup that gradually starting peeling off). My coat-dress is by Max Lohrbach, originally created for the "Charmed Life" event back in September.

[Image by Hilary Davis]

My inspiration was my actual scary doll, pictured above, which my mom gave for me for my birthday a few years ago. It since has been a recurring presence in photo shoots I've done and even the
Eclecticoiffeur website. It probably dates back to the '20s and is probably the prettiest, scariest doll ever.

I found the above image from a fashion shoot online inspiring as well.

As for the most fashionable entries of the night, Emma Berg and Blacklist co-owners Vanessa Messersmith and Jennifer Sapiro took the cake.

[Image by Christian Erickson via he Polaroid app for iPhone]

Vanessa and Jennifer were perhaps the most glamorous of the evening. They went as a peacock and a lobster and both of their costumes were handmade.

[Image by Jake Rudh]

Hilary Davis (of Bella Koshka) was a perfect Betty Boop.

[Image by Hilary Davis]

And Danielle Morris was a spot-on David Bowie as the Goblin King from "Labyrinth," thanks to this perfect wig she found at Variety Beauty Supply and makeup by Molly Roark.

[Image by Hilary Davis]

Best of all was Emma's Victorian-queen-clown costume by Max Lohrbach. He also made the mask.

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