Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

This week's edition of my weekly local photo feature, Muses and Lenses, black and white seems to be having a moment.

Painter Caitlin Karolczak looks positively painterly in her studio.

Photographer Russell Joslin shoots a portrait of his lady, Jessie Quast, entitled "Tunnel Vision."

Photographer Cody Litdke shoots the promo image for Cliche's upcoming "Avoid the Grey" fashion show. Click here for more details on the show.

Electronic musician Mark McGee plays patty-cake with his pooch.

Local experiemental electro band Dearling Physique get a new bio shoot by George Caswell. (Make-up by Hannah Eustis)

Graphic designer Lottie Anderson snaps a self-portrait.

Photographer Peter Holme captures pal Andy Rathlisberger in a pensive moment as part of his 365 day photo project...

...And himself in this striking self-portrait.

Photographer Vanessa Meade captures her favorite muse, model Marjorie Braddock.

Photographer Brandon Werth photographs couple Pradeepan and Amreitha.

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