Thursday, June 4, 2009, l'etoile + STAYcation for 6.4.09-6.10.09

Check out my writing this weekend in, l'etoile, and St. Paul STAYcation.

[Image of PJ Harvey + John Parish] Summer Guide '09:
PJ Harvey + John Parish 6/13 at Minnesota Zoo
Macy's Glamorama 2009: Fusion 8/14 at Orpheum Theater
Uptown Air Fair 2009: A Fusion of Art, Flavor and Flair 8/7-8/9
Beyonce + Solange 7/16 at Target Center

Crawl: Where are all the good men? One Man Minneapolis announces finalists

Brian Lichtenberg for Blood is the New Black at ROBOTlove + ShopFatal deal
L.A. designer Brian Lichtenberg is known for his impossibly offbeat designs, and his designs for the limited-edition T-shirt line Blood Is the New Black are no different.

[Image of Blood is the New Black "Pearls" shirt, available at ROBOTlove]

Art: Minneapolis MOSAIC Photography Commission 6/6 downtown Mpls
For the sixth annual Minneapolis MOSAIC Photography Commission, local photographer Sean Smuda created a portrait series that would speak to the diversity that MOSAIC is all about. The 20 portraits, entitled “Hopes and Dreams,” were shot around the Midtown Exchange to show its microcosm of the diversity of Minneapolis. For the series, Smuda says he asked the participants what their own hopes and dreams were, and their connection to the changes from Martin Luther King, Jr., and Barack Obama. The responses, ranging from writing, drawing, and other sourced material, were incorporated into the final portraits, which will be unveiled by Mayor R.T. Rybak. (City Center will subsequently have a complete set hanging in their halls through 2010.) The MOSAIC Festival also showcases over 40 live entertainment acts, including Latina hip hop band Maria Isa. (5:30-10 p.m. Sat. Free. Hennepin Av. between 7th & 9th Streets, Mpls.

Art: Red Hot Art Festival 2009 6/6-6/7 at Stevens Square Park
Art: Data Art Show 6/10 at Pink Hobo Gallery

US Air Guitar Championships 6/5 at Varsity Theater
Pachyderm Electronic Music Festival 6/6-6/7 at Pachyderm Studios

Lovelee Buttons presents Lookbook, Dearling Physique + To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie 6/6 at Intermedia Arts
(print edition only)
By no means will this show by creative co-op Lovelee Buttons be your typical rock show. Held at the long-vacant Intermedia Arts’ black box-style theater, the show will be more akin to a performance art piece. Incorporating a variety of artistic mediums including visual art, video projections, theater, dance, and live music, the show will explore the interactions between independently-created works of art. Artwork and video by Lovelee Buttons collaborators Jesse Draxler and Casey Opstad will accompany music by electronic two-piece Lookbook, experimental act Dearling Physique, and conceptual one-man-band To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie. (8 p.m. All ages. $8-10)

[Illustration of Lookbook by Isaac Gale]

I submitted a few contributions to this week's edition: Lookbook @ Walker Art Center and Miller, Roby & Ullandson at Sellout Art Gallery (both today), Red Hot Art and Idle Hands CD Release on Saturday, and Grand Old Day on Sunday.
Check it!

St. Paul STAYcation:
Music in Mears kicks off
Style: Check out my Grand Avenue shopping guide, in honor of Grand Old Day!

Also be sure to check this show out next Thursday:
Fashion: 5 Years of Love: Cliche 5 Year Anniversary Show 6/11 at Plaza Verde
Local boutique Cliché has long been the premier retailer for up-and-coming local clothing designers, but things were very different when it opened its doors five years ago. Read more in next week's issue - but you can grab your tickets now at Cliche. I'll be doing a preview of some of the designer sketches in Le Petit early next week.

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